Languages are like mathematical formulas. For each different result, there are several diffent calculations.

E.g: By getting an answer of 14, several calculations can be applied. 7+7 or 7*2 or 28 : 2…..


Exadan linguistics does not provide you one calculation for the result, we provide you with a selection of calculations for the best result and we help you comprehend the language and understand the answer.


The right material for you.


There are many different textbooks worldwide which were written for one reason: to teach. Because every student is different, so are their learning styles. What might be the ideal book for one person, does not have to be necessarily the best book for the other. We at Exadan linguistics are here to help find the correct material and learning method for you. With the competent consultation of our staff, you are sure to select the most appropriate book and most effective way of learning. Contact us for your free of charge consultation. This will help us evaluate your language standard and place you in the best possible course.