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Exadan Linguistics also offers public courses for everyone. Course information is updated constantly. Please visit our site regularly due to the fact that places are limited and the interest is high. Do not hesitate to contact us. The Exadan linguistics team is looking forward to hearing from you.


We also offer courses for exotic languages. Learn German, English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, Greek, Polish, but also Mandarin, Russian Basque, Dutch, Afrikaans, Swahili, Wolof, Mandinka or Catalan. Do not hesitate to cantact us and arrange a free placement lesson in any target language!


Language fluency progression course (LFPC):


For individuals which already are familiar with desired language and know the grammar and vocabulary yet lack the final touch. LFPC courses do not mainly focus on the grammar or vocabulary of a language, it focuses on getting the student as close as possible to the native standards. In this special course, students are confronted with special tasks and learn the things that normal textbooks do not explain. Whether it is understanding the sarcastic jokes in a language, the lyrics of a song or even the figure of speech used in different circumstances. The materials used in this course are songs, books, comics, movies and any other source not commonly used in normal classes. It is a course where pronunciation and the way of saying things are taught specifically in the desired accent and sometimes also in slang. This is a course is for the extremely goal orientated people, it is only necessary if you wish to get as close to native as possible. If you want to try to turn native and feel that this is a challenge you wish to master, then try it out.