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Public language courses available! Visit our website regularly for updates.

Further information will soon be published. There is a number of limited space and demand is high so please contact us as soon as there is an interesting course which you would like to attend!

Public courses available for groups of 10


Once more, we are offering ongoing courses which can start immediately. These courses will take place in the lovely Villa Wellspacher on Semmering. How it works is pretty simple, these lessons will be standard, non tailored lessons which means you can come and go whenever you want. And they are not binding. Each lesson lasts 55 minutes and is always different. Anyone can join in and for as little as 10 euros per lesson you can freshen up your language skills. Classes are held in groups of minimum 10 people so do not hesitate and send us an email if you are interested and we will make sure there is room for you. 


Starting date: flexible

Location: Villa Wellspacher Semmering

Language: English

Level: Intermediate basic


* Courses only take place with a minimum of 10 e-mail registrations


Winter CAMP 2013: It's once again time for Semmering to cover itself with that blanket of snow. So what does that mean?


It means that we at Exadan Linguistics want you to enjoy nature, the beautiful scenic area and of course, practice the language of choice. Starting from December 2nd, 2013, we are holding a winter camp for all!!


This time of year is especially beautiful and with the possibility of accommodation in the alps, skiing, and practicing the language of your preference; there is no excuse to say no.  


With winter just around the corner why not start thinking about getting that little extra practice in a place clearly suitable for a winter vacation.


Registration is until November 18th, 2013.


Contact us so that we can ensure that there still is enough room for you!



Exadan Linguistics offers public courses for everyone. Course information will be added shortly. Please visit our site regularly due to the fact that places are limited and the interest is high. Do not hesitate to contact us. The Exadan linguistics team is looking forward to hearing from you.

We also offer courses for exotic languages. Learn German, English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, Greek, Polish, but also Mandarin, Russian Basque, Dutch, Afrikaans, Swahili, Wolof, Mandinka or Catalan. Do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a free placement lesson in any target language!



We now offer lyric analysis courses!!


Japanese made easy


The asian market is huge and expanding, and therefore; Exadan Linguistics has begun offering intense Japanese courses for those interested in becoming more familiar with this language.


Upon request, it is of course possible to take lessons in any other asian language.