Exadan Linguistics generally offers training in the form of packages and crash courses in virtually any language. In addition to basic courses for beginners, intermediates or advanced, you can find alternative courses such as:


German as secondary language


German preparation for DSH exam


Integration courses for foreigners


Dialect courses

Austrian dialects, Canadian/American English dialects, Canadian French dialects, as well as Belgic dialects; Crash courses include the usage of the most common vocabulary as well as the grammar for basic daily conversations. (Single or group lessons available, basic knowledge of target language is required!)


Crash courses use selective language and grammar for common everyday conversations.


German beginner (basics) (30 units / 45mins)

English beginner (basics) (30 units / 45mins)

Spanish beginner (basics) (30 units / 45mins)

French beginner (basics) (30 units / 45mins)

Croatian beginner (basics) (30 units / 45mins)

Italian beginner (basics) (30 units / 45mins)