Private One on one and group lessons

Private One on one and group lessons

Individual and group lessons for everyone


Contact us and set up an appointment for a free of charge placement and evaluation of your preferred target language. By doing so, we can place you into the appropriate course and create the perfect customized lesson for you. It is possible to attend classes at our headquarters on Semmering but alternatively also via Skype or directly in the comfort of your own four walls.


Online classes for any language via video conference (If after speaking to a professional instructor this is recommended as a suitable instrument for learning) 


DSH: Preparation courses for the “Deutsch für den Hochschulzugang für ausländische Studenten” examination. (European reference frame B2 niveau)

Translation as well as interpretation services for English, German, Arabic, French, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian and Croatian.

Austrian dialect: The German dialects Viennese, Lower Austrian, and Burgenländisch are used more thoroughly and explained so that the student has a better understanding and can correctly communicate in the specified dialect. Basic knowledge of German is necessary!

Cultural integration courses (specifically for foreigners who would like to work in in Austria, Germany or Switzerland or already live in these countries and are interested in the culture of their new homeland)

Work related specialized language training (economic German, business English, technical English)

Preparation classes for your stay abroad

Crash courses in your target language 

Language weekends on ZauberBerg Semmering

(Snowboard and languages) (Ski and culture)

(In cooperation with Villa Wellspacher Semmering)

Animation services in target language

Presentation techniques and presentation consultation in foreign languages   

Monthly Events hosted in English for usage and practice purposes (dinner/drinks) 

Frequent events about diverse subjects discussed in various languages. ---> International cafe 

Lyrics analysis: Due to popular demand, we now offer lyric analysis courses which go in-depth and look at the meaning of your favorite songs.


Proof-reading of essays and theses